Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up

Hi everyone, I'm back. I worked in China for three month and I really missed my craft corner. I had so many things to catch up since I came back, the house, the garden, all the new paper craft stuff......

Since I came back on May 1st, so I didn't make anything for mother's day. Here is my problem: If I want to give something I made as gifts, it had to be perfect to my eyes. I want it be to both handmade and good. Scrapbooking is another story. But for the cards, if I spent so much time and money, put in so much heart and it got to WOW people. Otherwise I will go with the store bought ones. So.......I'm keeping almost all the cards I made so far.

This has been really upsetting me, but I have no idea why I'm so hesitant and shy to give out my creations.. Recently I think I found out why I was always not happy with my cards. Because the cards didn't go along with the gift packaging! Most of the time, you seldom send out only one card, but have something to go along with it. Thus, I was really excited to make something coordinated. Since I missed Mother's Day, I got to prepare for Father's Day earlier. So here is what I made today: (click the photo for larger image)

The simple decorated box:

And the equally simple card:

But they look so mice when putting together!

I used large fold n' go from my timeless template and it perfectly holds two bottles of Kiehl's face cream for men, my Dad's favorite. I really should use Aqua mist as the box body. But these two look better than one fancy card to me, even though the box and the card are really simple. I'm just very happy with my new discovery and I need two more sets.......

Paper: Papertrey ink Kraft, Aqua Mist
Stamps: Tag-it #3, Ribbon Trail, Fillable Frame #11, Tin Types
Other: limitless layers dies, Ribbon Die

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  1. Great project! You should give away your cards! Handmade items show so much love and can be very special to someone!