Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's Face It Fridays - Paper Bag Challenge

I just bought my Peachy Keen stamps last week and I love the challenges on their website. Just right for me, wanting to play with my new toys, but don't know what to make.

I actually bought their stamps for the Create a Critter. Everybody loves this cartridge, and same here, and very much. I have made many cuts before and the stamped face brought the cute animals so much life! Love it!

Now back to the challenge.

This IS a challenge to me...First of all, we don't have any lunch bag in the house. Then I thought about the paper bag from Trader Joe's, but those were tooooo big. I was just about to give up before I found this small paper bag from Yankee candle. It looked very like a paper grocery bag and its size is 8 by 8 in., just perfect.

With the help of the beloved Gypsy, I was able to use my piles of scraps for all the elements. And I could also hide the cuts and use the face stamps. It's such an easy and fun project since everything is just from one imagine.


The penguin was cut at 2.8, and stamped with the medium size face stamp. I felt a large stamp may work too, but I don't own one.

And everything else was cut at 2.5 in. , but the real imagine was not true to the dial size.
The snow house is a bit taller than 2.5 in.

The fish's real size is about 1.5 inch. I wasn't about to cut them at first, since they looked ugly to me on the handbook. But I wanted my cute penguin to at least have some food.......so I cut two and stamped the faces as well. Then they turned to be too cute to be food !

I think that's all for today's challenge project. Oh, I did cut a good paper today...hurt.....sign..... The matting paper was from Joann's 12*12 harvest and holiday stack and was cut at 7.75 by 7.75. Again, I think it's so worth it, *wink* .


  1. Awwwww this is sooo stinkin' cute! I love the Critter faces, they're one of my faves! Great job with the challenge! ;)